The Platform for Freedom and Control | Android Vs iOS


The Platform for Freedom and Control | Android Vs iOS


Android and iOS are always at war, and if I have to choose an OS from this war, then it will definitely be Android. But still I can’t say that iOS is not for anyone. Because if I see, if there was a better Android or iOS, then one or the other would have ended in so many years and only one would have remained in the market. But it is not like that, 70% of the world’s smartphones run on Android at your time. And there are around 28% of such smartphones that use your iOS here. So you can understand that people use Android and people use iOS. And the surprising fact is that the user base of iOS is slowly increasing here. But before comparing both, you have to understand that how do these people use both?


Evolution of the war

Why Android is Better Than iOS


That the difference between these two OS, there is also a difference in their user base. iPhone’s popularity is in India, but it still doesn’t have that much market share. But if I talk about the USA, it has more than 50% market share alone. And it is very popular among US teenagers. In India, most people prefer Android. And especially talking about teenagers, college students, school students, most of these people’s number one priority is Android. But as people upgrade and gradually go into their first job, then the demand starts changing here and people start switching to iPhones. This can be said that in India, iPhone sales are slowly increasing. Because there is a good audience that is slowly shifting from Android to iPhone. But I can still tell you that no matter how far the iPhone goes, it can’t be as good as Android.

Anticipation for the next chapter

Because in Android, you have to understand that there is not just one phone in Android. Many companies make many phones. Every company makes a phone for every user. And because of this, no one can buy an expensive phone, there is a cheap phone for that. Someone has a mid-range phone, someone has a high-end phone. And that’s why Android will always go ahead here. Because its target user base is comparatively very big. But iPhone has one such thing that Android has not been able to take yet. And that is loyalty. That people buy iPhones and then upgrade to iPhones. More than 90% loyalty has been seen in iPhone users.

Android diversification

The story in Android is that people used to live in Android. But there were some people who went from Android to iOS. But the problem in Android is that people have become loyal to the operating system here. But the loyalty of the brand does not remain. We have seen that if a person is using Redmi, then sometimes he will use Realme. Then sometimes he will use Samsung. Then sometimes he will go to Vivo. Then he will have to play the game, he will come to iQOO. Then nothing came, OnePlus also came. I mean, you can understand that if you look inside Android, there is a lot of diversification. And in this diversification, loyalty is coming inside the OS. But loyalty inside an Android brand is not being seen here. But sir, this is not the only comparison in Android and iOS.

Value For Money

There is also a purchasing behavior with it. What is inside Android? People want to buy a good item at a low price. People look for value for money. But in Apple, people see which is the latest iPhone, they go and buy it. But one thing comes in the software, that comes in the case of features etc. Look, I can tell you how many features are there in iOS. You can’t tell this in Android. Because all the features are put in Android, not in the hands of Google. Because many times Google puts a lot of features. But at the end, it is in the hands of the smartphone makers.

How many features do you want to put in it? And what things do you want to change from your side? That’s why if you look, there are a lot of features in Android. And every brand gives different things of its own. Different things are available in One UI. Here Realme’s Realme UI is giving different things. Different things in ColorOS. MIUI is providing different things. And Stock Android is sitting in a completely different place. If I have to do a feature-wise comparison, Android and iOS will definitely surpass Android.

Because the more things you get to see in Android, the same functionality you don’t have in iOS. And it makes a lot of sense. Many times, if an Android user goes to the iPhone, he also has a problem. Basically, the simple thing in the iPhone is that you have to adapt according to the iPhone. What happens in Android? By applying any effort, you can optimize Android according to your needs. That it will work according to you. However, one more thing where Android goes a little further is to try new things. I mean, listen to fast charging, listen to foldables.

Innovation and Ecosystem

You get to see this type of variety in Android. Because there are a lot of companies competing together. And every company has to show innovation. That’s why Android has a little more risk-taking capability. And you get to see a little variety. In the iPhone, you will always get to see tried and tested things. So yes, you will get to see stability there. But if you want some innovation or something new, you get to see it in Android. And you can compare it this way that how much difference is there in the hardware. But there is one thing that Android has not been able to crack yet. And that is the ecosystem. Android is a little open nature. The biggest benefit with Apple is that it is making all the hardware itself.

It is making all the software itself. Now, if it makes everything itself, it will give very good compatibility to each other. This thing lacks a lot in Android. And I don’t think this thing will be solved very soon. Because every company develops its own ecosystem. But that ecosystem is also compatible with other devices outside. So, no other company has been able to create such a user experience yet. And Apple has come a little ahead in this regard. Software updates are also such a thing where people often compare Android and iOS. In my opinion, there can be no direct competition.

If you look at the number of updates in Android, you can see that Pixel 8 is taking more number of updates. But in comparison to that, there are other brands which take 1 year or 2 years of updates. In iPhone, the thing is that if you buy an iPhone, you get a guarantee that you will get an update for certain years. This guarantee is a little more missing in Android. But you should probably change this thing.

The future: Convergence or divergence?

Because now people are using their phones for a long time. And if they get long software support, they can use their phones for a long time. But now another important thing comes here. Do you know that iOS is also slowly becoming like Android? This year, the USB Type-C port came. You will also see side loading of apps in iOS. After this, it is being said that a removable battery can also come here. Even in Apple’s iPhone, the iMessage that comes, you will also see the compatibility of RCS in it. Now the answer to this may be EU, due to whose rules and regulations, the Type-C port came and many more things came.

But now it seems that companies like Apple, which keep their things closed, are now opening up a little here. And you are getting to see a lot of things like Android here. But still, the distance is quite a lot. But yes, the distance between the base of Android and iOS is decreasing here. But yes, if I personally have to choose between iPhone or Android, then the feeling of home is still in Android. Although there are many people who like iPhone too. The body is good and people have their own preferences. But you tell me, do you like Android or iOS? Comment below. Thanks for watching the video. Now let’s go to the next one. Goodbye.

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