S1X Plus vs. S1 Air vs. S1 Pro: Which Ola Electric Scooter Rocks Your World?


S1X Plus vs. S1 Air vs. S1 Pro: Which Ola Electric Scooter Rocks Your World?


People often ask me, when will you get to see an electric car for the price of a petrol car? So in Ola’s December to Remember, the new Ola S1X Plus is available for you to see for Rs 89,999. That is, if you are getting an electric car for the price of any petrol car, then what is the point of taking petrol? So today we will talk about the S1X Plus and at the same time we will see the S1 Air and S1 Pro Gen 2. So friends, we are making this video with Ola. And that is why Ola has allowed us to talk about the latest S1X Plus, S1 Air and S1 Pro in its showroom.


S1 Air: Mid-Range Magic with a Touch of Smart and a 151 km Range


This is a basic electric scooter as you can understand. Here you get to see less of the smart features and like the touch screen music has been removed from here. But in return, you get to see the functionality right. Along with this, let’s talk about S1 Air and S1 Pro Gen 2. If we talk about S1 Air, then you can call it a mid-variant. Its showroom price is Rs 1,19,000 and you get to see a 3 kWh battery in this scooter. You get to see a 6 kW peak output hub motor. Along with this, you get to see a 7-inch touch screen here.

S1 Air: Mid-Variant Marvel

And in the touch screen, you get to see a lot of features of its Move S. As we are talking, here you get to see maps for proper navigation. Here you get to see the party mode. You can listen to music here. You get to see a lot of things from different types of moods and themes. And as soon as Move OS 4 comes, its feature set will increase even more. But the certified range in S1 Air is 151 km. And the range claimed by the company in Eco mode is 125 km. Normal mode has a range of 100 km. And the special thing about this S1 Air is that it is based on Ola’s new 2nd generation platform. Which means that you will get to see dual suspension at both the front and rear. You will get to see a flat footboard. And you will get to see the strong grab handles on the back. So this is some advancement in this.

S1 Pro Gen 2: Flagship Performance, Blazing Speed, and Unmatched Features

Along with this, you get to see this scooter with a 12-inch wheel and drum brief. If we talk about its S1 Pro Generation 2, then this is a flagship scooter in the Ola line-up. And this means that here you will get to see the highest performance and the highest speed. The top speed of S1 Pro Gen 2 is 120 kmph. And the biggest battery you get to see is 4 kWh. Its price is 1,47,499 ex-showroom. And in Eco mode, it has a range of 180 km.

Comparative Analysis and Features

Whereas in normal mode, it has a range of 143 km. And its pick-up is also very high. 0 to 40 is more in just 2.6 seconds. And all the smart features of Ola will be seen by everyone. And after WorldOS 4, its feature set will be the highest in the market. Which means that in this particular price range, you get to see the highest range, highest speed and highest features in Ola Electric’s S1 Pro Generation 2. But let’s talk about the special thing about S1X Plus. S1X Plus was recently launched and it is the newest scooter in the Ola line-up. Right now, you are getting a discount of Rs. 20,000 in December to November. Due to which the price has become Rs. 89,999.

S1X Plus Unique Features

And if we talk about all the scooters within Rs. 1 lakh, the biggest battery you get to see in this scooter is 3 kWh. Because all the other scooters in the market, they are not able to promise a 3 kWh battery at this particular price point. It is very similar to S1 Air. For example, you get to see 12-inch wheels, drum brakes, flat footboard, strong grab rails. Even if you look at it, you get to see the same 6 kW peak output hub motor in both. And due to this, the pickup of 0 to 40 kmph is of 3.3 seconds. Here you get 3 modes, Eco Mode, Normal Mode and Sport Mode.

Smart Features and Connectivity

In Eco Mode, the range claimed by the company in S1X Plus is 125 km. The top speed is 42 kmph. 100 km range is promised in Normal Mode with 70 kmph top speed. And in Sports Mode, there is a range of 87 km with a top speed of 90 kmph. Overall, if you look at it, it makes a very good scooter. If someone wants good performance, good range, all those things are under Rs. 1 lakh.

But then there is a question, what have they done here at a lower price than S1 Air? First of all, you get to see the touch screen in S1 Air. There is no touch screen here. Here you get to see a 5-inch segmented display, which is non-touch. But if you talk here, you will get to see a lot of information on the display. And some smart features have also been implemented. Plus, the design here has also been changed, which makes it look a little different from the other scooters of Ola. Whether we look at the design around its headlight, or look at its multi-tone design.

Charging and Financial Offers

It also comes with a unique color handlebar option and 7 color option. This scooter is also keyless. That is, you can unlock and unlock it without a key. To do this, you should have a phone with you. You can use it to unlock it through Bluetooth. And it also has proximity unlock. Suppose you don’t have a phone with it. There are buttons on the side. You can use it to enter the Sysdigit passcode.

That is, you will have to enter 1, 2, 3, 4 sites. And after that, you will be able to unlock it here. Along with this, you get to see the connectivity of the mobile app here. Inside the scooter, you get to see turn-by-turn navigation. You also get to see the live location tracking of the scooter. That is, turn-by-turn navigation means that you have to enter your location from your mobile phone here. Where do you have to go? And you have to go left or right. The information of that will be provided to you by the scooter here. Along with this, you don’t get to see any speaker or music functionality here. The speakers have been removed.

Ola’s Electric Revolution

But if you connect your mobile phone and also connect your earphones through your mobile phone. Then you can use the scooter to check the call acceptor. You can control the music. Along with this, you can also see the adverse region here. You can set the low-high default through the mobile app. And the advantage of the region is that you get the throttle in the reverse direction. Because of which your battery keeps charging automatically. And you don’t have to apply a brake to slow down. Along with this, the special thing about the scooter is that you get to see the reverse mode and cruise control here. That is, if you want to reverse, it will be easy. And the cruise control also works very well. If you want to maintain your speed without giving the input of the throttle.

S1X Plus vs. S1 Air: Smart Features vs. Affordability

Then the cruise control helps here. Along with this, there will be over-the-air updates here. And all the insights will be seen in your smartphone here. And according to this, all the scooters in the market. The most features are installed on this price point. And it is smarter than any petrol scooter. And this is electric, so there is no petrol cost here. But if you talk here, you get to see the signature of Ola, 34 liter boot space. In which you can easily place the half-face helmets.

Along with this, it is on the second generation like S1A. So you get to see all the things in it. And here you get to see the option of front and rear drum brakes. Talking about its charging, here you get to see Ola’s 500W charger. And the weight of the whole scooter has also been kept light. So that people can use it easily, which is 108 kg. And here you get to see the ground clearance of 160 mm. And here if your driving is of 10 km, 15 km or even 20 km. And if you just want to drive in the city. Then here you can get a good driving experience.

Beyond the Price Tag: What Makes the S1X Plus Stand Out from Petrol Scooters?

That is, you don’t have to go to the highway, you don’t have to drive too much. If you want to travel in a city and come home at night. Then this scooter makes a very good choice. Because you drive it all day, charge it at home at night. And then leave again the next day. In that case, this scooter is quite good here. And if you look at it, if you use it more here. Then you will be able to save more in petrol.

That is, you can save up to 26,000 per year. If you use it more here. As compared to petrol scooter. The discount of 20,000 rupees is very good. Due to which it becomes a very solid scooter that comes under 1 lakh rupees. And if you look here, Ola has also provided some financial offers. Like some buyers will get a discount of about 5000 rupees. On some selected cards. You can also see EMI on the credit card.

A Deep Dive into the Smart Features of the S1X Plus, S1 Air, and S1 Pro Gen 2

You can even see 0 down payment, 0 processing fee. And the interest rate will also be seen low at 6.99%. Overall, Ola had already said that it was going to do End Ice Age. And looking at this scooter, it seems that this is true. Because now they have brought their own electric scooter at the price of a petrol scooter. And if you go to compare the on-road price. Then the electric scooter will be cheaper than the petrol scooter.

That is, now you will get an electric scooter at a affordable price. And the cost of petrol will also be reduced here. So friends, this was the story of Ola’s S1X Plus. And here we talked about S1 Air and S1 Pro Generation 2. Rest, which of these scooters do you like? Tell me in the comments below. Thank you for watching the video. I will see you in the next one. Goodbye.

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