GoPro Hero 12 Black: Master of Movement, Unveiling Hidden Depths


GoPro Hero 12 Black: Master of Movement, Unveiling Hidden Depths


You will see the stabilization of this camera. I am running and jumping here. But still, the stabilization of the video is quite amazing here. And the biggest thing is that no OIS is visible in this camera. All this work is done by EIS i.e. using Electronic Image Stabilization. GoPro Hero 12 Black However, if we talk about it, it is an action camera for video recording and outdoors takes photographs and videos of very good quality. And tell me one thing, like this you can also record video in 5.3K resolution and 4K 120fps.


Field of View and Image Stabilization


Even today’s big mobile phones are not able to record video in 4K 120fps. But still, if we talk about it, is the camera perfect? Well, no. According to me, the camera is quite expensive. Not according to every use case. But what can be seen in this camera? Let’s talk about it in this article.

First of all, I am going to talk about its sensor. Here is a 27MP sensor with 5.3K resolution. And the aspect ratio of the sensor here is 8: 7. And the lens is 12mm. That is a simple thing. You see this clip that here 12mm 8 : 7 how much field of view you are getting. And this is a very big thing. Because it is seen here when such a big sensor is capturing such a big field of view then it has a lot of data. And by using this it provides image stabilization.

Customizable Aspect Ratios

That is, it can crop a lot. And if you take a mobile phone and run, jump, put it anywhere, put it on the car, put it anywhere, you will get amazing stabilization. Because it has a lot of field of view. And by cropping it in it, you can get a perfect look. And that’s not all. You have given different modes in it by using which you can crop it and get the aspect ratio of your own. T

hat is, if you want 16 :9 or you want to make a video in vertical format for Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts then that thing is also possible as an output from here. The work done by GoPro here is very good. However, I would like to tell you that you get to see multiple settings in GoPro. And you can set different fields of view in it. Let’s take a demo one by one what exactly is the setting and how much field of view you get to see here. Friends, this recording is happening in its linear plus auto lock.

Field of View and Image Stabilization

In which the horizon is locked here. That is, you will get to see stable footage. And now we are doing it on 4K resolution. And now let’s move it. So you can see how the stabilization is. That is, this is also running. The cameraman and I are also running. Still, the video remains very stable. Now the video clip you are watching is being recorded with GoPro Hero 12 Black. It is in linear. In 19 to 39 mm. And you can see the stabilization in the video.

It will be a little less than the horizon lock. But you will get to see this type of stabilization with GoPro Hero 12. Now it is happening in wide mode. 16 to 34 mm. And you can see how much stabilization you are getting in this wide mode. Now this is super view in 16 mm. That is, it looks like how you get to see a 16 mm lens. And you will get to see this type of quality and field of view in 16 mm. And now the quality you are seeing is at 12 mm in hyper view mode.

EIS vs. OIS: The Stabilization Technology

In this mode you get to see this quality. And if we talk about the stabilization that is why it is called hyper smooth. And there is also a feature of auto boost. That is, if there is auto boost, it will automatically decide and give very good stabilization. And hyper smooth is already very good. If we talk about it, there is one more interesting thing that is the horizontal lock. That is, if you rotate the camera 360 degrees in the linear horizontal lock, then the image that is being recorded will be totally stable. This is a very good thing that I found here.

Although here I can tell you clearly that most of the work is happening in its software. And one thing I found out that in any mobile phone, in any camera, the combination of hardware and software is very important. And it doesn’t matter whether it has OIS or EIS. The matter is that whatever is given in the camera, how is its utilization? If it is being implemented as best as possible, then it is its best use case. There is no mistake here.

Both things are excellent, but the use of which is being done is more important. I would also like to tell you that there are some shortcomings related to this camera. Because when I was using it, I found some shortcomings. For example, if it is 12mm wide, then you will definitely have to look at it. You will not be able to see any portrait mode. Even the performance of low light will not look good. Let me give you a small comparison.

High-Quality Video and Photography

On the one hand, I used the selfie camera of the iPhone 15 in the same lighting condition. And in the same lighting condition, I used the GoPro Hero 12 Black. And you can see the result here. That is, the overall camera is made for outdoor lighting conditions and more movement. But if we talk about it, then you can record a video at a resolution of 5.3K 60fps.

However, the memory card you have should also be as fast as this camera can support. And only then you will be able to record in it. If the speed of the micro SD card is low, then you cannot record that resolution at that frame rate. If you are recording at 4K 120fps, then you can record a video for about an hour. And you can record for about 70-80 minutes if you are going at 4K 60fps. That is, it is possible to record a video in it for about 80 minutes.

5.3K Resolution and 4K 120fps Video Recording

If we talk about it, then the Hero 12 Black has some interesting features. First, you can record a video of HDR quality. Plus, you can also capture photographs in HDR. And here you get to see a super photo where you can take super wide-angle landscape photographs at 5.3K 8:7 resolution. I really liked it when we were capturing photographs in it. The feature of horizontal video is very good. If you want to make a video in vertical, then it is possible for short-form content of your smartphone. And if you look at it, you can also add color features.

You can record in GoPro lock, you can record in natural mode, and if you don’t want to do much color grading, you can record in vibrant mode. Because a lot of people want to record in out-of-the-box image. So, if you want natural colors, then it is natural. And if you want more control over colors, then you get to see it without a lock. With the camera, it is waterproof.

Various Modes and Settings

Even if I take the camera in 33 feet of water, it will still work. They have done a good job of giving a 2-year warranty. There is a Bluetooth feature in the new feature, in which if you have airports or any TWS, you can connect it. You can keep talking in that TWS, it will be recorded in it.

There is also a creator edition in which you get to see a volta stick. The special thing about it is that it connects with its own battery and different accessories. It has a dedicated mic and lights. So if someone wants to make a small mini vlogging setup, then it is possible. In total, I want to tell you that this camera is an action camera and we cannot compare this camera with a dedicated DSLR, mirrorless or mobile phone.

Linear Plus Auto Lock Demo

Because this camera is made for those places where your regular cameras cannot reach. If someone wants a small camera that can be carried easily, can mount it on his chest, can put it on his helmet, can do moto vlogging, can put it inside the car, can put it outside the car, then this camera will be made for them. And the video recorded with its amazing stabilization is very good.

In the future, if I ever go outdoors and make a video of this camera, I will definitely tell you that there are some such use cases where we can use it easily. But if we talk about it, it is a proper mobile phone camera and it cannot totally replace a mirrorless camera. I can also tell you that the quality of the camera is very good if the lighting condition is good. You can crop a lot and the price of this camera is very high.

However, I wanted a camera like this, so I thought to take the latest camera launch here. I hope I have told you positive and negative things in the video. And if you want to take a purchase decision, then maybe it can help you a lot.

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